Saturday, June 26, 2010

Simply Sweet Saturday: Cards for Emily B.

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So I have the cutest story to share with you! I made these sweet, simple cards for little Emily, the daughter of one of the Pastors I work with! He brought her to the office last Thursday and she hung out with me and my co-worker Haley for awhile! We watered plants, colored and ate Fruit by the Foot! So while we were at our desks coloring, Emily saw a note I had given Haley (a 3x3 notecard) and wanted to give one to her mom! So I told Emily I'd make her one and she wanted it to be a Red Daisy and say 'Happy Mother's Day' so she could give to her mom! She also wanted me to make her a pink butterfly card for herself!
So these are the cards I made for Emily! Then the story gets cuter! When I walked back into my office, Emily tells Haley, "Kari is pretty like a mermaid! If she dressed up like a Mermaid for Halloween, I bet she'd get lots of candy!!!" hahaha! Isn't that adorable!?! Made my day! Maybe I should be a Mermaid for Halloween this year!

Just for You card for Emily with Pink Butterflies

Happy Mother's Day Card for Emily to give to her mom Meghan
Thanks for stopping by today!
~Kari aka The Little Mermaid {smile!}


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