Saturday, June 22, 2013

Capturing Moments with This and That

Smashbooks!  A super fun way to journal and capture life's great moments on the go.  The Stampin' Up! This and That product line is exceptional!  I gave it a whirl and created my own inspiration journal and wanted to share it with you because it truly was a lot of fun to make AND it's easy.  Messy is good and it doesn't have to be perfect, that's why I LOVE it.
6-3/8" x 8-1/16"
60 Total Printed sheets (30 coordinated spreads)
Journal has 2 printed pocket pages with loose die-cut envelopes

I started by staking this journal, and decorating the cover with things I had laying around that inspired me and made me happy.  No real crazy thought out plan, just cute fun tidbits of life.

  • The 'have a wonderful week!' note was tucked in one of my Stampin' Up! orders and given to me by a gal at the Home Office in Utah.  It meant a lot and I love it, so it made the cover of my journal!  A cute reminder to me, that it's all going to be okay and everything will work out!
  • The doily was from a restaurant I went out to with my parents for brunch.  My mom ordered decaf coffee and this was under her mug.  Had to have it, doilies are super cute and fun to play with!

  • This is my inspiration journal and notes from friends and fellow Stampin' Up! demonstrators are very much something I hold near and dear to my heart!
  • The Epic Day Washi Tape helps hold them in place but since it can be moved around after you lay it down, I felt safe using it on the cards!  

  • Don't under estimate the power of sending someone a hand stamped note to let them know you're thinking about them!  It means a lot!  Yes I send out a bunch of cards to people and Yes I keep all the ones I receive!

  • This spread just happens to coordinate nicely!  A fun way to showcase those notes you receive from people!

  • This spread has a lot more journaling!  I added a few keepsakes and wrote some special memories from friends and events that happened recently!

  • My mom donated a Hot Air Balloon piece of artwork she painted to the Tiger Woods First Tee Fundraiser event in Seattle!  Loved the fact that the Epic Day This and That stickers had a hot air balloon sticker to help document that memory!  A quick and simple way to embellish and document the cool events and things that happen every day!
4 sheets with a variety of designs

Epic Day This and That Journal (131268)
Epic Day This and That Sickers (131271)
Epic Day This and That Washi Tape (131269)
Epic Day This and That DSP (130814)
Epic Day This and That Rotary Stamp (130133)

Have a wonderful Saturday!
~Kari Linder

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