Sunday, August 8, 2010

Stampin' Up! featured in Creating Keepsakes

I've been a subscriber to Creating Keepsakes magazine for many years and I'm always so thrilled when they spotlight Stampin' Up! in their issues! I just received my September 2010 magazine and the fabulous Stampin' Up! Chalkboard Decor Elements are featured on page 55. I've had several customers order the NEW chalkboard Decor Elements and love them, so I'm very glad CK is highlighting these fabulous products as well! If you have questions about how to order these new Chalkboard Decor Elements, please EMAIL ME and I'd be happy to help! In the article CK showed step by step directions on how to apply the Curly Labels and Oval Labels, scroll down to learn more!

The Decorative Chalkboard Curly (118876) and Oval (121019) shapes make the perfect label for storage, books, crafting supplies and more! Apply them just as you would the traditional vinyl pieces. Write on labels with traditional chalk or chalk markers! Clean with ordinary chalkboard eraser or damp cloth. They're only $5.95 a package and totally adorable!

How to adhere vinyl chalkboard:
1) Carefully remove paper backing from vinyl.
2) Position vinyl on glass, container, or item you want label on with the vinyl side down, using the Applicator (114285) rub to secure and eliminate air bubbles.
3) Carefully remove second paper layer to reveal your vinyl image!

CLICK HERE to download the Definitively Decorative Brochure and shop for Vinyl Home Decor and other Chalkboard labels, signs, plagues, and more! I Love the little Owl (119646) on page 7 of the brochure! So cute!

To place a Stampin' Up! Order On-Line, CLICK HERE!

Thanks for joining me today!
Hope you decorate something cute with these new Chalkboard Decor Elements!
~Kari Linder

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  1. I'm following you from SC. I hope you'll join me too!


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