Saturday, February 14, 2015

Selling my Handmade cards at My Eclectic Home

What do you do when you have boxes of handmade cards sitting around and want to share them with people?  You sell them in an adorable shop called My Eclectic Home in Snohomish, WA.  My friend Geneva opened a great shop that is perfect for small business owners just like me!  My mom and I went out on a limb and launched a booth in My Eclectic Home in November of 2014 and have really enjoyed the retail experience!  This fun shop in the antique district of Snohomish, Washington and features over 14 different vendors with a wide variety of styles and items.  Such as hand stamped cards, furniture, home decor, original paintings, jewelry, fabric and more!  In the photo above, you can see some of my Stampin' Up! cards displayed in the drawer of a super cute nightstand that just sold today!

In order for me to sell my cards in a retail location or online, I needed to invest in these cute personalized stamps featured above.  Stampin' Up! requires that you have  the (c) Stampin' Up! image on each item you sell in shops or online to be compliant with their Angel Policy.  Since it's always fun to see your name in print AND I wanted to be able to sell my hand made creations in retail shops, I ordered these cute stamps and stamp them on the back of every card I make. 

Here's an example of a card I made that features the hand-stamped by stamp.  I dressed it up a bit with some circle punches and card stock.  It's fun to play with the backs and insides of cards to add another personalized touch to my creations.  I also have an Etsy shop where I've sold my cards in the past as well, including the card pictured above!

Here's another photo from our booth at My Eclectic Home!  It features a ton of my mom's interior design pieces she used when she was an interior designer and staged homes.  Lots of home decor items and pieces that are fun to decorate with.  It's definitely an eclectic mix!  The funny thing is we've sold so many pieces that this photo now looks dated to me since a lot of it is no longer there!

Here's another photo from our booth featuring this gorgeous rose floral arrangement my mom made! Just another taste of some of the items we have for sale in our booth! I also hand stamped all the price tags for each piece we have for sale and I think I'll do a post on how I did that later this week.  They were made with all Stampin' Up! products and I get a TON of compliments on how cute they are so I think they are a hit!  We have quite the collection of items and it's been a fun experience!

If you'd like to come visit our humble little shop, please do!
Here's the information!

111 Glen Avenue
Snohomish, WA
Open Tuesday - Saturday 11am - 5pm
Open Sunday 1pm - 5pm

Have a Happy Valentine's Day!
Kari Linder

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