Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Hello There Friends

K for Kari!  So my friend Rachelle texted me that she had a little somethin' for me a couple weeks ago and I wondered what it could be!?!  Surprise gifts are so fun.  She had recently gone to a garage sale and got a bunch of stuff for her kids and inside one of the boxes were these K stamps!  K-A-R-I isn't exactly the most common spelt name and I just couldn't believe that she randomly got this stamp with my name.  Growing up, I NEVER found things with my name spelt right, it was always: Carrie or Karl.  So this was a fun surprise.  Plus she knows I'm a stampin' girl so this was just the cutest gift.  At first I thought the other stamp was a K for cat.  But then it dawned on me yesterday that it's K for kitty!  LOL!  Meow!

My friend Kelli made this super cute card for me using some new Stampin' Up! stamps she bought thru me.  I love it when my friends send me cards in the mail, it just makes my day.  The row of pearls add such a vintage, shabby chic touch to the card, which goes perfectly with this stamp set!  All the images of the set are shown below!  


Thanks friends for blessing me!
~Kari Linder

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