Thursday, July 11, 2013

Stampin' Up! Single Markers & Stamping Tip

Sweet Deal!  As you browse thru the new Stampin' Up! Catalog, you'll notice that most of the Markers are sold in color collections.  Stampin' Up! listened to their customers desire to purchase markers individually and now we can!  Now through October 31st, you can buy any of the New In Colors individually to fill your current collection, or buy the color collections all at once!  See the picture below for more details and product numbers!  Single Markers are very affordable at $3.50 each!

Stamping with Markers is so fun!  I love it and here's a fun tip I found on the Stampin' Up! page on Pinterest!
Stampin' Essentials Marker Tips:
  • Use different colored Markers to color in details on stamp images like the birthday hat pictured above!
  • The Stampin' Up! Markers come dual-tipped, with a brush tip and fine tip at each end.  I prefer the brush tip for coloring images on my stamps.  The Fine tip is perfect for writing inside cards and signing the back of your creations!

Leave your Mark with Markers!
Have fun stamping,
~Kari Linder

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